Heating your home during this bitterly cold Maryland winter probably cost you more than usual. And the cold lingered into the late spring, causing many of us to turn up the thermostat when we would normally have windows open. With all this crazy weather in mind, you are probably thinking how to keep your home cool this summer while keeping your bank account happy. Here are a few tips from our Eldersburg, Maryland air conditioning experts.


Do you know why it gets so hot inside your home in summer? Because the sun is mercilessly beating against your roof, walls and your outdoor AC unit. Unfortunately, if your property doesn’t come with mature trees that provide shade, there is little you can do to help the situation. But if you have trees and are planning to take them down, think twice, because the shade is a blessing in disguise. You can also plant shrubs around (but not too close to) your outdoor AC equipment to keep it cool and operating at higher efficiency.


The walls and roof of your home block the sunlight but absorb the heat. The windows, on the other hand, let through both the sunlight and the heat, which can noticeably warm up the air, especially in a small room. Sunlight is certainly a nice feature to have in any home, but for the times when you are not home, it may make sense to block it for the sake of keeping the indoor temperature down. Some of the options for fortifying your windows include heavy curtains, mesh window screens and UV-reflective window films. Focus on east- and west-facing windows where the sun is most active throughout the day.


If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, it’s about time you get one. This handy device allows you to raise the temperature automatically when you are away, so that you don’t waste money on cooling an empty space. However, avoid turning the cooling off completely—it will be more strenuous on your HVAC equipment to bring the temperature down from 86 to 76 than from 80 to 76.


Just like in winter you may supplement your heating efforts with a spot heater here and there, in summer you can strategically place fans to help move the air. You don’t need fancy fans, just place a few basic ones on different levels of your home, circulating the air inside the house. You can raise the temperature at night to 80 and have a fan in your bedroom to help you sleep comfortably.


An oven or a boiling pot of water on the stove-top can generate a lot of heat. Whenever possible, choose to grill outside instead of using your indoor cooking appliances. If you must cook on the stove, do it in the evening when the heat dies down.

If you follow these tips, you should see some savings staring to add up. However, this will only be possible if your HVAC equipment is in good condition. Proper AC maintenance is crucial for keeping up high efficiency of your equipment.

Whether it’s AC maintenance, repair or seasonal tuneup, you can rely on Cool Breeze Maryland HVAC professionals to take care of your HVAC equipment. Call us or contact online to schedule an appointment.